What We Do

[cornerbox color="000000" backgroundcolor="ffffff" bordercolor="000000" borderwidth="2" borderstyle="solid" icon="" ] Cool-X manufactures Cool-X Nanofluid Oil Coolants, for use in transmissions, gearboxes, differentials, and engines. Cool-X is the first manufacturer of an affordable nanofluid additive for use in cooling lubricants.

Cool-X carbon nanoparticles improve the heat transfer between the oil and metal surfaces, such as the engine block, oil pan, or transmission case. This allows for faster cooling and lower oil temperatures. These nanoparticles are inert, and do not dissipate, wear out, or oxidize, and thus provide lasting and durable protection and heat reduction for lubricants. Cool-X will enhance the cooling when used with chillers or transmission coolers.

We provide solutions for heat problems in engines, gear boxes, transmissions, differentials, and for oil generally in an environmentally friendly, cost effective manner.[/cornerbox]