Stationary Engines and Diesel Generators

Cool-X has been tested on a diesel generator operated by Waste Management near Chicago. This generator ran on methane gas generated by a landfill, and the principle issue was corrosion. The burnishing and anti-oxidant effects of the Cool-X nanoparticles enhanced the performance of the generator by removing or inhibiting the build up of corrosion on the valves and other moving parts.

The largest benefit we expect to achieve for diesel generators is a significant increase in fuel economy over time through the burnishing action of the Cool-X nanoparticles. In over the road vehicles, we have demonstrated 5% increase in fuel efficiency in comparable diesel engines. However, engine friction (according to the DOE) represents at most 60% of the total friction encountered by a Class 8 tractor trailer. Accordingly, we expect to see 10% or better fuel efficiency savings in stationary engines and other diesel generators.

Cool-X has further testing scheduled for diesel generators operated by the US military. Stay tuned for more information.


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