Tribology: The Science of Oil and Lubrication

Tribology is the study of lubrication, wear, and friction. In order to understand how Cool-X works, you need to understand some of the basic principles of tribology.

The primary function of an oil lubricant is to reduce friction between two solid surfaces in contact with each other. Metals are crystalline structures, and they are not typically smooth or flat at any scale, particularly at the micron or nanoscale. Without going into theory at depth, friction is the sum of all the resistance of individual points of contact between two metal surfaces.

Oil functions as a layer in between the metal surfaces, that as a liquid, offers less resistance to movement, and as a layer, separates the metal surfaces, preventing direct metal to metal contact. There are fewer points of contact, with less resistance, generating less heat and requiring less energy to move.

To make an engine or gearbox more efficient, you want to reduce friction, either by improving the surface finish, reducing the number of points of contacts, or by increasing the size of the boundary layer of oil. Cool-X works in a number of ways to improve oil properties and reduce friction.


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