Tribology: The Science of Oil and Lubrication

Skip an oil change with Cool-X

Skip an oil change with Cool-X


 Do you change your oil every 3,000 miles? Or because an algorithm in the car’s onboard computer told you that it was time to change your oil? These are all based on very conservative estimates of oil life, and in no way reflect the likely true condition of the used oil in your engine. New has been developed which measures the electrical impedence of the oil, based on its acidity and other factors, which can be used to track oil condition.
Oil breaks down because its additives break down or it becomes contaminated with water, metal bits, dirt, or ash. The underlying cause for oil break-down is almost always excess heat, which lets chemicals oxidize, weakens metals, polymerizes oil, or breaks down seals. An industry rule of thumb is that for every 18F (10 C) reduction in oil temperature, the oil will last twice as long. Cool-X, by , significantly extends oil life. And now that it is possible to inexpensively test oil condition, Cool-X can add value by allowing you to defer oil changes until your oil really needs to be changed, and not just follow a dumb algorithm.

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