Tribology: The Science of Oil and Lubrication

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Oil performance has improved dramatically over the last thirty years because new, more efficient oil additives have been developed. In a modern engine oil, the additive pack represents 20% of the volume and more than half the cost. All lubricating oils have additives. Most are used for these purposes:

  • viscosity modifiers (designed to keep cold oils from congealing and hot oils from becoming to thin)
  • detergents (designed to force contaminants (metal bits, dirt, ash) to drop out of suspension in the oil, keeping it clean).
  • Antiwear additives (designed to maintain lubricity and reduce friction when metals are rubbing with force and the oil layers aren’t sufficient to keep the parts from seizing)
  • Anti-oxidants (designed to prevent oil additives from oxidizing, and to neutralize the acids that form with oxidation)
  • Surface tension modifiers, designed to “wet out” metal parts and promote the formation of a good oil film boundary layer

For more information about oil additives and their purposes, click <here>.

Cool-X nanoparticles serve as an antiwear additive, antioxidant, and surface wetting agent, in addition to burnishing and improving thermal conductivity. Equally important, they are chemically stable, and unlike current chemistries, won’t break down in the high heats found in today’s engines. Nor do they aggregate, react with acids, or fall out of suspension. This durability makes them unique, and provides oils with Cool-X with exceptional durability as they age.

Please note that we agree with those who say that there are few reasons to buy oil additives off the shelf. Certain old cars require ZDDP as an anti-wear additive, which has been banned from formulations for new vehicles. Otherwise, it is cheaper to buy oil already formulated with the additives necessary already included. Cool-X is an exception, however. Our technology is not included in the additive packs sold by Lubrizol or Afton; neither the additive nor the oil companies have expressed much interest in a technology that doubles or triples oil life.


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