Cool-X Testing

Cool-X has been extensively tested.

Cool-X has been road tested for over 1 million miles in heavy duty trucks, and in hundreds if not thousands of cars. It has also been tested by tribology labs, engine builders, and OEM manufacturers of gearboxes and transmissions. You can understand that much of this testing was done under confidentiality agreements, so there are limits on what we can disclose in detail.

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Thermal Conductivity Testing of Oil with Cool-X

Dr. Jamil Khan of the Engineering Department of the University of South Carolina conducted thermal conductivity tests of Cool-X when added to Shell Rotella. The testing shows a small but measurable improvement in thermal conductivity when measured with  “hot wire” methodology. As others have reported, the thermal conductivity improves exponentially with temperature. See our test results.

While at room temperature a minimal difference <2% exists, at 200oF this has increased to 8%, and other tests suggest that at 300oF the difference can be as much as 25%.


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