Cool-X Testing

Cool-X has been extensively tested.

Cool-X has been road tested for over 1 million miles in heavy duty trucks, and in hundreds if not thousands of cars. It has also been tested by tribology labs, engine builders, and OEM manufacturers of gearboxes and transmissions. You can understand that much of this testing was done under confidentiality agreements, so there are limits on what we can disclose in detail.

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Dyno Testing of an Indy Car Gearbox

Summary of the Dyno Testing:

Adding Cool-X to Racing Gear oil (100% PAO) in an Indy Car gearbox resulted in quicker warming and cooling; the system reached equilibrium temperatures within 30 minutes instead of 5 hours, and reduced the equilibrium oil temperature by 10°C.

Test Results:

The following data was taken from dyno testing conducted by a major performance oil company on an Indy Car gearbox set-up. The gearbox was cooled with a racing lubricant, 100% PAO, that costs $80/gallon. The gearbox itself was fully honed and polished, with a CVD coating.

The temperature measurement we want to highlight is the “Line Temp” – the temperature of the oil that was being pumped through the gearbox – the line 4th from the bottom on the second graph shows the line temperatures with the DND oils. This is the line that starts at “4200 RPM” and ends at approximately “4500 RPM”. In fact, this line is measuring temperature, and at 50 minutes the temperature was 87.36º C. As you can see, there is a slight rise in temperature over the course of the test, but the gearbox quickly reaches equilibrium at about 90°C within 1:20, with most of the temperature change complete within the first 30 minutes of testing.

The first chart, by comparison, shows the same Indy Car gearbox with the same oil, without the Cool-X additives. The line temperature is marked “*****”. In this case, the oil line temperature continues to rise constantly for over 5 hours, and peaks at a temperature over 100°C.

This testing demonstrates the two key aspects of Cool-X:

  • Improved thermal conductivity results in quicker warming and cooling; the system reaches equilibrium temperatures within 30 minutes instead of 5 hours. 
  • The improved thermal conductivity reduces overall system temperatures, in this case by about 10°C.

Given that this Indy Car gearbox is fully optimized, with the highest quality 100% PAO synthetic oil, with CVD coated components, the only likely cause for the difference is the change in thermal conductivity and heat transfer rates created by adding Cool-X to the gear oil. Tribological effects, such as reduction in coefficients of friction, are highly unlikely.

Dyno Testing of an Indy Car Gearbox


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