Cool-X Testing

Cool-X has been extensively tested.

Cool-X has been road tested for over 1 million miles in heavy duty trucks, and in hundreds if not thousands of cars. It has also been tested by tribology labs, engine builders, and OEM manufacturers of gearboxes and transmissions. You can understand that much of this testing was done under confidentiality agreements, so there are limits on what we can disclose in detail.

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Corvette LS1 Engine Dyno Testing with Cool-X

Summary: A Corvette LS1 engine was run on consecutive days on a Superflow Technologies Dyno at a 50% load for 2.5 hours, first with a synthetic racing oil, and then with the same oil with Cool-X added.  Despite running the LS1 engine at 6%-14%  higher horsepower throughout the test, the oil temperatures with Cool-X averaged 13°F cooler throughout the test (after first half hour).

Details:  A Corvette LS1 crate engine was mounted on a Superflow Technologies engine dyno, and run on two consecutive days for 2.5 hours. The first day was the baseline, and the dyno was set to a 50% load and the engine oil was a well known synthetic racing oil. The test was then repeated  on the second day, but the oil was changed and replaced with the same synthetic racing oil with Cool-X added. Again the dyno was set to a 50% load, and the engine was allowed to run for 2.5 hours. The results below show that the oil with Cool-X was 12-14F cooler than the day before, despite the engine running at higher torque, rpm, and horsepower.

While we would like to claim that the Cool-X was responsible for the additional horsepower, the inherent variability in running a dyno test, including setting throttle settings, loads, and measuring data makes it unlikely. It doesn’t fit our understanding of how our material works, either. The burnishing process takes hundreds of hours to occur; tribological tests suggest that Cool-X is a good, and very durable, anti-wear compound but certainly no better than those used in synthetic racing oils in brand new condition. But what we want to point out is that the temperature reduction is significant and real. In this case, the oil temperatures were reduced from 225F to 212F, despite the Cool-X engine putting out 12% more horsepower throughout the test. Note that it took the engine with Cool-X only 20 minutes to come up to temperature, the same engine with the base oil took closer to 40 minutes.


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