CrushStation Monster Truck with monster gearboxes

 Kaedon Barry:

We’re proud to have Cool-X Technology onboard our CrushStation Monster Truck and Our Transport Unit. Since meeting Jim and Geno at PRI, we have worked closely to introduce Cool-X and nanofluid technology to the monster truck industry. After running a front third member for a full Monster Jam Schedule, we pulled the unit out and we’re ecstatic with the results. All of our gears were polished and no filings were reported. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cool-X and are proud to have it in our vehicles!

From Facebook, 27 July 2012

CrushStation depends on Cool-X to protect its gearboxes.

CrushStation depends on Cool-X to protect its gearboxes.

Crushstation Hotwheels Toy
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