The Science of Nanofluids

Thermal Conductivity of Cool-X in Rotella

Thermal Conductivity of Cool-X in Rotella

 Starting about 2002, scientists started mixing nanofluids combining liquids, such as water and oils, with various nanoparticles and reporting unusual results. Classic fluid dynamic theory, as developed by Maxwell, suggests that the thermal properties of liquids would only be slightly changed by mixing solids, and that it would be proportional to the amount of solids in the colloidal mixture. But researchers were reporting substantially higher rates of thermal conductivity, of 5%, 10%, even 40% higher than anticipated by classical theory, even at solids concentrations <0.1%. These anomolous results set off a boomlet of scientific papers investigating the phenomena, see here and here and here for examples. Cool-X is such a nanofluid. <more>


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