The Science of Nanofluids

Cool-X® is the first nanofluid oil additive .

Cool-X is a colloidal dispersion of carbon nanoparticles which have been proven to increase thermal conductivity by up to 20%. Dr. Jamil Khan of the Engineering Department of the University of S Carolina did a study that showed that oil with Cool-X had higher thermal conductivity compared to the base oil, and that the difference increased with temperature, from 2% at room temperature to 8% at 200°F.

Oil is a natural insulator, and improved thermal conductivity has significant benefits for oil:

  • It warms up and cools down faster
  • It improves cooling system efficiency, moving heat away from its source more quickly
  • It prevents hot spots from building up, where oil oxidizes faster and metal is subject to cavitation, corrosion, and warping
  • Overall oil temperatures are lower, as the cooling system reaches a lower equilibrium temperature and flatter temperature gradients.

Cool-X has been shown to lower oil operating temperatures in motors and gearboxes by 10°-40°F, depending on load, cooling system, and ambient conditions.


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