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Stationary Engines and Diesel Generators

Cool-X has been tested on a diesel generator operated by Waste Management near Chicago. This generator ran on methane gas generated by a landfill, and the principle issue was corrosion. The burnishing and anti-oxidant effects of the Cool-X nanoparticles enhanced the performance of the generator by removing or inhibiting the build up of corrosion on the valves and other moving parts.

The largest benefit we expect to achieve for diesel generators is a significant increase in fuel economy over time through the burnishing action of the Cool-X nanoparticles. In over the road vehicles, we have demonstrated 5% increase in fuel efficiency in comparable diesel engines. However, engine friction (according to the DOE) represents at most 60% of the total friction encountered by a Class 8 tractor trailer. Accordingly, we expect to see 10% or better fuel efficiency savings in stationary engines and other diesel generators.

Cool-X has further testing scheduled for diesel generators operated by the US military. Stay tuned for more information.

Class 8 Tractor Trailers

Cool-X offers an unbelievable value to Heavy Duty Truck customers, particularly those who drive long distances.

One bottle of Cool-X HD Motor Oil Treatment – costing <$200 and treating 40 quarts of oil – should save Class 8 tractor trailers up to $10,000, based on testing conducted by a national freight carrier.

  • Cool-X saved over 5% on fuel over a year, these savings should last the life of the engine 
  • The tractors went 100,000 miles between oil changes
  • The recycled oil and Cool-X combined cost about the same as a standard synthetic
  • Oil temperatures dropped by 10F during normal operations
  • Maintenance costs were down, vehicles remained on the road (better productivity)

Auto Racing

Heat is the cause of most breakdowns in racing. Heat limits the performance of engines, transmissions and gearboxes, particularly in circle track racing.

Cool-X LLC has exhibited twice at PRI, the Performance Racing Industry trade show, and demonstrated its technology to the industry. The race teams that have tried it have generally been positive. Joey Long Racing, for example, found that the engine, transmission, and gearbox temperatures in their Mustang all ran about 20°F lower, which let them push their car that much harder on the track. They were pleased to win a Triad Sports Car Club championship.

Leo Franchi ran a BMW team in the SCCA circuit near Chicago, and he was one of the first people to try Cool-X in racing. He was also the first person to point out and document the burnishing effect on the cam carriers of his BMW race cars.

Military Gearboxes

 A major military gearbox manufacturer has tested Cool-X in a prototype differential for the JLTV program. Adding the Cool-X ATF lowered temperatures in the differential by 15°F in synthetic oil and 29°F in mineral oil. In fact, both oils were lowered to the same operating temperature.

The advantages of lower oil temperature include significantly longer oil life (an industry rule of thumb is that every 18°F doubles oil life) and enhanced antiwear characteristics. The burnishing effects of Cool-X include wear hardening of the gear surfaces, burnishing of the gears (keeping them polished and clean), and preventing pitting and corrosion.

Further military testing is expected.

Monster Truck Gearboxes

 Kaedon Barry’s CrushStation Monster Truck is one of several gearbox applications that take advantage of Cool-X’s cooling and burnishing to keep his gearboxes working while under extreme loads. Gearbox applications can expect lower temperatures, and gears that remain polished in operation. This should prevent chattering and noise, for example, in differentials.


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