Cool-X Testing

Cool-X has been extensively tested.

Cool-X has been road tested for over 1 million miles in heavy duty trucks, and in hundreds if not thousands of cars. It has also been tested by tribology labs, engine builders, and OEM manufacturers of gearboxes and transmissions. You can understand that much of this testing was done under confidentiality agreements, so there are limits on what we can disclose in detail.

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Class 8 Tractor Trailers Show 5% Increase in Fuel Economy with Cool-X in 2 million mile trial

A national freight carrier conducted a trial of the Cool-X nanotechnology in a Saf-T-Kleen recycled oil in comparison with Royal Purple synthetic and Shell Rotella (baseline) for over a year. The trial was conducted on 26 trucks, including 11 with Cool-X, which drove over 2 million miles. All the tractors pulled tankers with the same load over the same route every day with largely the same drivers. The Cool-X / Saf-T-Kleen oil improved the fuel economy over time to 5.5% better than Shell Rotella and 4.2% higher than the Royal Purple synthetic oil. The Cool-X trucks also drove on average about 100,000 miles before a full oil change was required....

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Corvette LS1 Engine Dyno Testing with Cool-X

A Corvette LS1 engine was run on consecutive days on a Superflow Technologies Dyno at a 50% load for 2.5 hours, first with a synthetic racing oil, and then with the same oil with Cool-X added. Despite running the LS1 engine at 6%-14% higher horsepower throughout the test, the oil temperatures with Cool-X averaged 13°F cooler throughout the test (after first half hour)....

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Cool-X Reduces ATF Temp 15°-29°F in JLTV Differential Dyno Testing

Cool-X was tested in ATF in a differential for the General Dynamics prototype JLTV (HUMVEE replacement vehicle) by a major gearbox manufacturer and military subcontractor to General Dynamics. In 64 hours of testing under heavy load, gearbox oil temperatures were reduced 15°F in synthetic oil, and 29°F in mineral oil by adding Cool-X....

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Dyno Testing of an Indy Car Gearbox

Summary: Adding Cool-X to Racing Gear oil (100% PAO) resulted in quicker warming and cooling; the system reached equilibrium temperatures within 30 minutes instead of 5 hours, and reduced the equilibrium oil temperature by 10°C....

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Mack Truck DOE Supertruck Demonstration Project Testing Cool-X

The DOE has sponsored a Supertruck program for several years as a means to demonstrate new fuel savings technology. One demonstration project is being conducted by Mack Truck (Volvo Trucks), which deploys a variety of new technologies including a natural gas hybrid engine and an innovative aerodynamic design. Mack has agreed to test Cool-X in its demonstration project....

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Superflow Technologies transmission dyno test

Cool-X LLC conducted a transmission dyno test of its Cool-X® ATF Nanofluid Coolant in a GM final drive unit at SuperFlow Technologies in Iowa. The testing showed a 20F decrease in oil temperatures with Cool-X added under a modest load under normal conditions. A more detailed analysis of the test and its findings follows....

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Thermal Conductivity Testing of Oil with Cool-X

Dr. Jamil Khan of the Engineering Department of the University of South Carolina conducted thermal conductivity tests of Cool-X when added to Shell Rotella. The testing shows a small but measurable improvement in thermal conductivity when measured with  “hot wire” methodology. As others have reported, the thermal conductivity improves exponentially with temperature. See our test results. While at room temperature a minimal difference <2% exists, at 200oF this has increased to 8%, and other tests suggest that at 300oF the difference can be as much as 25%....

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