Cool-X Nanofluid Technology: An Overview


 Cool-X is a new type of oil additive that uses nanotechnology to improve the heat transfer rate of oil, which reduces oil temperatures by making cooling systems more efficient, and to burnish (smooth) the surface finish of your engine, gearbox, or other wear surfaces, reducing friction and improving fuel economy and energy efficiency.




Cool-X is a Nanofluid, that is, it is a colloidal suspension of nanoparticles in a liquid, namely oil.

Cool-X consists of solid carbon nanoparticles (nanodiamonds, carbon onions, and graphene)  processed in a proprietary way to create a stable suspension in oil that does not aggregate and remains effective from very cold to very hot temperatures.

Nanofluids are known to have higher thermal conductivity and heat transfer rates. Oil is a natural insulator, and adding this feature to oil permits heat to disperse more quickly, making cooling systems more efficient and lowering oil temperatures.

Cool-X is the first nanofluid oil additive available at affordable pricing for use in consumer and commercial vehicles.



Tribology is the study of oil and lubrication. To understand how Cool-X works, you need an understanding of how oil works as a lubricant. Oils create a film layer between metal surfaces, reducing their points of contact and thus friction.

Surface finish is also a key determinant of friction. Cool-X nanoparticles burnish the metal load surfaces like nanoscale ball bearings rolling the metal surface flat when under pressure. Flatter surfaces create fewer points of contact with less resistance, and thus less friction.

Additives play a key role in modern lubricants. Additive packages make up some 20% of a standard motor oil, and have key features: as viscosity modifiers, detergents, anti-wear properties, and antioxidants, among others. Cool-X has significant anti-wear and antioxidant features, in addition to its other traits.

Oil Aging and Break-down is largely a function of two factors. The oil additives oxidize or chemically react in the hot oil, or contaminants, such as water, coolants, metal bits, dirt, or ash accumulate in the oil without being filtered by the oil filter or dropping out by the action of the detergent additives. Eventually the oils functioning as a lubricant is impaired. Cool-X, by reducing oil temperatures, prevents the oxidation, polymerization, and chemical breakdown of the oil additive pack. Its carbon nanoparticles are impervious to the high temperatures and acidity present in engine oil.


How Does Cool-X Work?


  • Cool-X burnishes metal wear surfaces, reducing friction and leaving them polished
  • Cool-X improves the heat transfer rate> of oil, reducing oil temperatures
  • Cool-X improves oil layer thickness
  • Cool-X improves sliding and rolling friction under load, as an anti-wear additive
  • Cool-X nanoparticles wear-harden the metal wear surfaces, making the harder and stronger




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