Cool-X Improves Fuel Economy 5%-25%


Cool-X improved the fuel economy of Class 8 tractor trailers 5% over 800K miles of testing. This meant savings of over $3000 per year per truck.

Cool-X Lowers Gearbox Oil Temps 10°- 40°F


Cool-X was tested in the differential of the prototype JLTV for General Dynamics. Gear oil temps were reduced by 29°F under heavy load.

Proven and Validated Technology


Cool-X has been validated in scientific studies, tribology testing, and over a million miles of field trials in cars and heavy duty trucks.

Nanofluid Technology Improves Heat Transfer


Nanofluids improve thermal conductivity and heat transfer in oils by 10-20%. This improves cooling system efficiency and reduces oil temperatures.


Have A Class 8 Truck?
Save up to $10,000


$300 of Cool-X can save HD truck owners $3000 or more per year for the life of an engine by burnishing; and extend oil change intervals to 100K miles.

Fighting Corrosion? Cavitation?


Read about how Cool-X reduces corrosion from landfill gas by burnishing, and keeps Monster Truck gearboxes polished.

Don’t Change Your Oil Every 3000 Miles


Oil lasts twice as long with Cool-X due to lower oil temperatures. In a trial, Class 8 trucks went 100k miles between oil changes with Cool-X.

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